Italy pilgrimages are one of the great experiences I had when I went to Europe. It is probably one of the most fulfilling and most spiritual journeys I have ever took and I’d like to share with all of you the places I went to in one of my trips to Italy.


Italy Pilgrimages: Popular Shrines

Italy is a place that is rich in architectural, historical, and religious history. It is the place where a lot of Catholic saints came from and where many miracles were manifested. One of the most popular places to visit is San Giovanni Rotondo. It is a small village north of the located at the Apulian coast. This is also the place where Padre Pio received the Visible Stigmata on September 20, 1918 while he was praying after celebrating mass at the Church of Our Lady of Grace. A new and bigger church has since emerged beside it and where Padre Pio is buried.


The Shrine To The Mother

The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin which is dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary is situated near the ruins of Pompeii. Built by Bartolemo Longo di Latiano in year 1891 because of his devotion to the Blessed Virgin and his deep love for the Holy Rosary, it is one of the most popular places to visit because of the miracles that were said to have taken place in this very special place dedicated to the Blessed Mother.


Other Popular Places In Italy Pilgrimages

The home of the Holy Family is said to be situated in Loreto. It was in Loreto that the angels carried the Holy House from Nazareth during the time when it was threatened to be destroyed by invaders of the Holy Land. It is referred to as The Translation. Visitors attest to feeling a great sense of Divine Presence. This Holy Place is one of the first shrines that Blessed John Pope II visited when he become Pope, declaring it as the holiest place on earth. It was indeed a very serene place and I just felt a different kind of inner peace I knew came from God himself when I was there.

The first Eucharistic Miracle of the Catholic Church was said to have taken place at the Church of St. Legontian located in a small city in the heart of Italy, Lanciano during the 18th Century AD. The miracle of the Eucharist happened during the Holy Mass when the host turned into live flesh and the blood became live blood. This miracle is still preserved and I was in awe.


The Popular Santa Rita

italy pilgrimagesSanta Rita is one of the youngest who joined the Order of Augustinian in 1391. She was born in a small village near Cascia. She devoted her life to praying and doing charity works. She received the stigmata while praying at the age of 60 and endured the suffering for 15 more years. Her body remains intact and is placed at a shrine in Cascia. It is one place that you can also feel a strong holy presence.

I highly recommend that you take that long overdue vacation and experience a miracle in your Italy Pilgrimages.