If you are planning on a vacation on your own out of the country and you want something different, you might want to consider embarking on a spiritual journey, like Italy pilgrimages. Embarking on this trip might just do you good.


Why Italy Pilgrimages

We live now in fast phased world – people are so caught up in their world of working and earning money. We all need some time alone to renew our strength. If you feel you need that long overdue vacation for yourself, now is the time to plan for it.

I suggest that you on a spiritual trip. If you have been saving up on an out of the country adventure, instead of going to a beach resort somewhere, you can engage in a spiritual retreat. Italy is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe. It has a lot of history. You’ll never have a hard time because there are a lot of European tours and spiritual pilgrimages being offered by most travel agencies.


Italy Pilgrimages: What To Expect

Vacations are always good for someone who has been working too hard. In my research, I have found a lot of different places to go in Italy that are rich in history and spiritual enlightenment. Tour packages include visits to different churches and shrines. You can expect to see places where saints are entombed, as well famous artists who have contributed to the rich culture of the places they have been to.


When In Rome

Rome is one of the most famous destinations and in these pilgrimages, people look forward to seeing The Vatican where the Pope lives. A trip to Ancient Rome is one for the books. My research took me a variety of really good places to see. The Trajan’s Column is a testament to the magnificent architectural designs and sculptures of the olden days.

The street of the Imperial Fora or the Via dei Fori Imperiali is the former seat of power of the great emperors of Ancient Rome. Walk through the Piazza del Campidoglio which is a work of art of Michelangelo where a copy of the most popular equestrian statue known around the world is placed with Marcus Aurelius’ statue right in the middle of the magnificent structure.

Walk through the Roman Forum and bear witness to the towering and great Roman buildings: the seat of the Roman Senate the Curia, the State Archive, and the Temple of Vesta and House of Vestas. See also Rome’s halls of justice and famous basilicas. See Rome’s origins by visiting the Palatine.


Visiting A Place Called Assisi

italy pilgrimagesA visit to Italy is not complete without seeing the Church of St. Clare where her incorrupt body stays. A lot of people have been attesting of how blessed they were upon seeing her body. It is also a blessing to go to one of the chapels where the crucifix that St. Francis bowed to and ordered him to repair God’s Church. The Basilica of St. Francis is also a sight to behold and this is where his relics remain.

Feel refreshed and renewed when you go to Italy pilgrimages.