Are you thinking of planning your own Italy pilgrimages? I have compiled here things that you must know before you pack your bags and go to Italy.


Italy Pilgrimages: Tips To Remember

  1. Look for a place where you can meditate and say your prayers. Most shrines are very big and you might find yourself lost. I suggest you look around and ask for the best place to meditate. There are some big shrines with a small chapel or garden courtyard where you can stay for meditation.
  2. Plan carefully your itinerary. A pilgrimage doesn’t have to be all meditations and prayers. You need to include in your itinerary when you will have a time to relax and rest. You will find your pilgrimage more meaningful if you will only line-up fewer destinations. Once you have chosen only a manageable list of destinations, you can spend longer in each one. You do not have to rush your every visit.


The Language

The official language of Italy is Italian. It is best for you to know some basic terms before you go to Italy. Keep in mind as well that in every small region or town, there is a distinct dialect. On the other hand, for the major towns and cities, there are dialects that resemble the standard Italian language.

You do not have to worry too much about sending your message across to Italians because majority of them can speak English language. They are also fluent in speaking other languages such as German, Spanish and French. Most Italians are very communicative and you can easily understand them because they use gestures with their hands to express themselves.


Italy Pilgrimages: Meals During A Travel Tour

If you are going to avail pilgrimage packages, expect that your breakfast meals are included in the package. You will have buffet breakfasts in the hotel where you are staying. There are some days that lunch are included in the tour package and there will be times that you need to buy your own lunch.

Usually, the tour guides will choose and recommend restaurants that are cheap and offer sumptuous dishes. Expect also that there will be group dinners to save on the costs. It will be a great time to bond with the rest of the tourists like you. I advise you to join group dinners because this is your chance to savor the Italian cuisine. You will have lots of choices from fish, meats and vegetables.


The Climate And Weather

italy pilgrimagesIn planning your trip, you need to consider the climate and weather on your target tour dates. But in Italy, you do not have to worry about that because it has mild temperature all year round. This makes it perfect for your pilgrimages.

The temperature rarely goes higher than 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Each season is well-defined. If it is winter, expect to be colder; during summer, it is dry and hot; during springtime, expect to experience rainy days with sunny days; and expect to have a serene autumn season.

More and more people are planning their own trip. Plan your own Italy pilgrimages in order to save a lot on your travel costs and at the same time, enjoy your meaningful new adventures.